Hugely popular digital download title Minecraft is now getting a disc version for the Xbox 360. Announced on PlayXBLA as well as the upcoming additions from the ninth update. The disc will also include support for multiplayer gaming between the

Then, on April 30 in the US, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition will hit stores as a disc-based game containing all the same features and content included in the current version, as well as the new additions coming soon in title update 9. It will run you $19.99

Please log in to vote. This is a simple way I've found on youtube (see video at the end of the solution). It worked for me, and I've done it using only one bucket to carry lava and water. EDIT: After the Title Update 12 in the tutorial level you can find a

Hi, I was wondering if anyone wanted to play minecraft with me? I have a couple worlds (Including one I just started) and we can play on those or create a new world.I do have a headset and would like if you had one too. I am 13 btw. If you want to play

Deltigar 19:56, 29 March 2013 (UTC) Edit- I found in this update that a tree will grow in a 13 by 13 know what? Minecraft 1.3.1 is my favorite Minecraft update, hell, it has been that epic! I've thought about 4J updating Minecraft XBOX 360 Edition

""If you've been waiting to move from your Xbox 360, now's the time," said head of Xbox Phil Spencer. The other highlight was a powerful demonstration of Minecraft for For a recap of the Xbox event, read our updates below. 2:00 p.m.: Spencer appears