We finally have an update the download to go live. At least this way you have a heads-up on when it should be available as we know many of you were unhappy that PlayStation users were getting their new Minecraft update first with no news for Xbox.

A huge update for the Xbox 360 version Minecraft is available to download right now for free. The patch adds all kinds of new features, and fixes a number of problems. To download it, just boot up your game and the patch will download automatically.

Xbox One gamers will finally be able to dive into the virtual world of Minecraft, starting Friday. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will be available for download in the Xbox Store Minecraft has garnered more than 13 million fans on Xbox Live, according

Minecraft Xbox One Edition is now available to own on Thursday night after surprising arriving about 12 hours before Microsoft said they would drop it a little over a day ago. Now that a minimum of 13 how to transfer Minecraft worlds from Xbox 360

So what do you guys think about mod support for minecraft xbox one (and potentially minecraft PS4)? Liking the video helps support the channel. If you do, thank you. Minecraft Xbox One: Mod Support download/1/17601000/{INSTALLER} Minecraft Xbox 360